Metalis is focusing on these 6 strategic clusters



This basic technology is pushed at its excellence level, to reach the tightest tolerances (few tenths of microns) and the highest productivity (> 1 million parts per day), for a variety of applications and markets:


  • delicate, fragile products: made of copper alloy or stainless steel, these small parts require complex cutting and forming operations, using progressive dies - application / market: electronic lead-frames, MCB terminals for construction industry...


  • 9 critical specifications or more: mission critical products with multiple very accurate characteristics to control - application / market: automotive stamped inserts to be overmolded


  • shape of cut areas: products requiring cut edges close to machining accuracy, obtained with shaving operations - application / market: rolling surface of a lock for various industries, sharp areas of a connecting system to ensure gripping or crimping function


  • swaging, coining: parts requiring thickness deformation to create specific functions (locating, insertion, stopping, deburring...) - application / market: electrotechnical devices terminals for construction industry
Complex Stamping
Complex Stamping


Metalis, stamping specialist of metal or metalloplastic parts