Metalis is focusing on these 6 strategic clusters


This know-how is driving a high level of co-engineering with our customers for a variety of applications and markets: 


  • flat spring / leaf spring: working with ultra high strength material complexifies the process and manufacturing, but provides better functional performance (elasticity) and quality (force accuracy), avoiding post heat-treatment and plating - application / market: slider for automotive brake, double-stiffness spring for electrical circuit breaker, seal for automotive turbocharger


  • fastening systems: working with ultra high strength material allows an economical optimization, avoiding also post heat-treatment and plating - application / market: grab ring for flow control fitting


  • wearing / vibration parts - application / market: pad shim for automotive brake


Very High Strengh Material
Very High Strengh Material


METALIS, expert in multi-slides flat spring with co-engineering